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Changes to Grand View XC race

Tue, Dec  14, 2004 - By CXC

CXC Wolverine JOQ Update - 12/13/04
(Complete information is available at

December 18 & 19 - USSA NRL; WI HS; Open; GL & MW JOQ at Ironwood, MI
Based on recent conversations among CXC, CCSA, Junior coaches, and the Wolverine organizers the following changes to the posted schedule will be implemented at Wolverine this weekend:

  • OJ males will do 10k/10k along with CCSA, seniors/masters and citizens.
  • J1 males will continue with the published schedule of 5k/10k.
  • No change to schedule for females

Both Saturday and Sunday races for these groups in #1 will be randomly seeded as Senior/CCSA/OJ in one group followed by masters/citizens. Check the tentative start lists posted on Thursday evening.

Thank you for your flexibility and participation in this decision.

Registration Deadline - Tuesday, December 14
Racers need to be a CXC Member PRIOR to the first JOQ they compete in for their points to count for JO Team Status. 2004-05 CXC Registration Numbers - check to see if you are registered with CXC for this season.

Officials & Race Organizers Cinic - In conjunction with Grand View XC Ski Challenge will be held on Dec 17-19, 2004 at the Wolverine Trails in Ironwood, MI.