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Valley Spur Joins the Noquemanon Trail Network

Mon, Sep  10, 2007 - By Noquemanon Trail Network

Due to a loss of funding through the US Forest Service, the Friends of Valley Spur have approached and been accepted to join the Noquemanon Trail Network! As this is exciting news for the entire Midwest ski community, we thought we should let everyone know asap!

The Noquemanon Trail Network is in the process of signing a 10 year special -use permit with the US Forest Service to maintain and operate the Valley Spur Trail System, with the leadership of the Friends of Valley Spur. The permit will be a 12 month agreement, which means it can be utilized for all types of non-motorized, year round activities!

This does not mean the Friends of Valley Spur are going away! This means, they will now become a part of the Noquemanon Trail Network…so they are now us . How does this benefit NTN members? This fall, when we begin our membership drive, you will have the option to purchase a Valley Spur Add-on membership, so you will have the option to ski all the NTN areas as well as Valley Spur….. or if you are a die-hard Valley Spur- only skier, you’ll be able to just purchase a membership for that alone!

Thanks to David Worel and Larry Truel for their work on bridging the two groups together!