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FIS Inspects Five Sites for 2013 Nordic World Ski Championships

Wed, Oct  3, 2007 - By FIS

A brief synopsis of the visits with the Candidates for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in 2013 by the FIS Inspection Group – in alphabetical order - follows below.

The FIS Inspection Group
Photo: Candidate Committee

Falun (SWE)

Falun received the FIS Inspection Group on 18th-19th September. Drawing on the strong skiing culture in Sweden, and especially in the county of Dalarna where Falun is located, the Falun Candidature Committee presented its plans for the organization of a 2013 event. Falun has hosted the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships three times in the past, namely 1954, 1974 and 1993. The well-known ski marathon Vasaloppet has been carried out in the region since 1922. For 2013, the Championships concept calls for various improvements to the existing sports infrastructure at the Lugnet Nordic venue, in particular to the Ski Jumping site. Several projects to enhance the general infrastructure in the region, e.g. accommodation facilities, are under development while others are being planned. Further, the Falun 2013 candidacy forms part of the new strategy of the Swedish Ski Association that has the goal of Sweden “to be the leading nation in the world in skiing and snowboarding by 2010.”

The Falun 2013 Candidature Committee is led by Tomas Ringsby, Secretary General of the Swedish Ski Association with the support of Mikael Rosen, Mayor of Falun.

More information on Falun’s candidature will soon be available on

Photo: Candidate Committee

Lahti (FIN)

The visit of the Inspection Group in Lahti, the organizer of the 1926, 1938, 1978, 1989 and 2001 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, took place on 17th-18th September. The Lahti 2013 Candidature Committee presented its concept which is built on leveraging the Lahti Sports Center’s facilities and a compact stadium set-up in the heart of the city. In addition, the candidacy draws on the Finnish spirit, extensive know-how and long traditions in Nordic skiing. The Candidature Committee, chaired by Jaakko Holkeri, President of the Finnish Ski Association and supported by Jyrki Myllyvirta, Mayor of the City of Lahti, as vice-chair and Matti Leikoski as Project Manager, also highlighted the plans to place a comprehensive athletes’ village at the Finnish Sports Institute in Vierumäki, just outside of the city of Lahti, and to construct new installations at the sports venues. These include enhancements to the courses, more space on the stadium, renovated Ski Jumping grandstand building as well as new service areas for the teams. To allow more space for the spectators, the TV compound is planned inside an indoor football stadium.

For more information on Lahti’s candidature, please visit


Oberstdorf (GER)

Oberstdorf hosted the FIS Inspection Group on 20th-21st August. Following the 1987 and 2005 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, the German mountain and ski resort is bidding to organize its third championships. The 2013 candidacy is part of the local tourism concept that calls for Oberstdorf “to be one of the three leading venues in Nordic ski sports in the Alps by 2015.” Oberstdorf will also host its fifth FIS Ski Flying World Championships in February 2008.

As elaborated by the Candidature Committee led by Alfons Hörmann, President of the German Ski Association and Thomas Müller, Mayor of Oberstdorf, the 2013 concept takes advantage of the existing high-quality sports infrastructure which only requires some optimization work in the Ski Jumping venue and some extensions to and broadening of the Cross-Country courses along with enhancements to the snow-making facilities. The newly reconstructed park in the center of Oberstdorf is planned as the new location for winner ceremonies and the Nordic festival.

Sarah Lewis and Thomas Müller
Photo: Candidate Committee

For more information on Oberstdorf’s candidature, please visit


Val di Fiemme (ITA)

The FIS Inspection Group visited Val di Fiemme, the venue for the 2003 and 1991 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships and 63 FIS World Cup events, on 27th-28th August. It was hosted by Pietro de Godenz, President of Candidature Executive Committee, along with Tiziano Mellarini, Minister for Tourism in the region of Trentino, and Giovanni Morzenti, President of the Italian Ski Association.

As in 2001, the 2013 concept is based on the use of the Lago di Tesero Cross-Country stadium and the Predazzo Ski Jumping facilities. Enhancements to the existing structures, including new areas for athlete services as well as the media infrastructure, are planned.

The FIS cake
Photo: Newspower

The 2013 candidacy leverages the experience of the previous World Championships, and the Candidature Committee is pleased to be able to count on the help of more than 1000 local volunteers. New tourist developments are under development in the Tesero cross-country area and Predazzo ski Jumping area, which will also enhance the facilities for the championships. This is Val di Fiemme’s second consecutive candidature after 2006.

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Zakopane (POL)

Zakopane, the largest sports resort in Poland, hosted the FIS Inspection Group on 22nd-23rd August, just days before the 2007 FIS Grand Prix Ski Jumping events there. The Candidature Committee led by President Janusz Majcher, Mayor of Zakopane, was supported by Apoloniusz Tajner, President of the Polish Ski Association, and Andrzej Kozak, President of the Tatra Ski Association.

The 2013 Candidature of Zakopane is part of the general “Strategy for Balanced Development of the City of Zakopane for 2004-2013” which also includes the development of sport and tourism and consists of upgrades to the existing facilities and organization of large sporting events. As a result, many new facilities, including some for accommodation, transportation and other services, have been or are being built.

New cross-country courses are also being constructed while the existing normal hill shall be converted to a HS-105 hill. Moreover, Zakopane will serve as a host training center for a team during the European Football Championships in Poland and the Ukraine in 2012 which will contribute to additional upgrading of the sporting facilities and infrastructure.

Jumping hills in Zakopane
Photo: Candidate Committee

In addition to the 1962 FIS Nordic World Ski Championships, Zakopane has experience hosting numerous international competitions in Nordic skiing. These include 11 Ski Jumping FIS World Cup events, known worldwide for great atmosphere and large crowds, and 4 in Nordic Combined. This is Zakopane’s second consecutive candidature after 2006.

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