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Lake Placid 07 Update #2

Tue, Oct  16, 2007 - By Pete Vordenberg,

Pics from Placid. Ideas from "Flow".

*The essential steps:

a - set an overall goal.

b - find ways of measuring progress.

c - concentrate on what you are doing. Make finer and finer distinctions in the challenges involved.

d - develop the skills necessary to take advantage of the opportunities available.


e - keep raising the stakes.

VO2 intervals in the early morning rain.

Skiers from the USST, NENSA, and the Central Division: 5 x 7 minutes.

Skiers from the USST, NENSA and Central.


*Keys to finding joy in situations that ordinary persons find unbearable:

  1. Pay attention to the most minute details of the environment (situation) and discover hidden opportunities for action.

  2. Set goals and monitor progress.

  3. When you reach a goal... up the ante.

Up the ante.

*The challenges of the activity are what force us to concentrate.

*Enjoyment does not depend on what you do, but how you do it. .....Warm down....

Distance double pole workout. Women's group.

Taking a right at Norman's.

USST, USBA, CXC, APU, SVSEF, NYSEF, MWSC, Dartmouth, Middlebury, to name a few... all working together here in Placid.

Are you kidding me? Check this out: there are more of us and we are more All In than ever before.

Airstream and skiers.

The only real answer is preparation. Balance: Long sessions at easier intensities.

Shorter sessions at harder Intensities. Strength Training. And Rest. Build from there, because those are the rough basics.

Rest is as important as training and must be treated as such.

The road isn't just long. There is nothing but the road, the process, the way. So make yourself at home and get into it. Here the bird and Wadworth with 2hours to go in a 5hr ski.

The pay off is just the pay off and their ain't no pay off without doing the job first.

* "The sun that lights us all, the stars, the sea, the train of clouds, the spark of fire

if you have lived a hundred years or only a few, you can never see anything higher than them."


Ready to raise the stakes?

Better get that way.


*specified ideas borrowed from "Flow" by Mihaly Cskszentmihalyi.

(Pat Casey, Vordenberg and photos)

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