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Newell 1st, Koos 4th, Freeman record AND powder in Utah!

Tue, Oct  23, 2007 - By Pete Vordenberg,

What a day...

Torin Koos and Andy Newell training in the tunnel in Torsby, Sweden.  Yesterday Andy won a sprint race in Mora and Torin took 4th.  According to Coach Chris Grover:  The sprint went well.  it was +8c, wet and sloppy (the sprint was classical).  The boys qualified 2nd and 4th even though they started 30 minutes after the top seed and the track went from OK to mush.  Torin won both his heats but faded in the final.  He is in great shape right now.  Andy skied to 2nd in both of his heats but fired it up to win the final.  (not sure who took this picture - thanks!)

Three days after the Lake Placid camp Kris Freeman set a PR in his uphill running time trial.  Last year he placed 18th in the Gallivare World Cup after setting his PR last October.  This July Kris beat that October test and last week he again bettered that time.  That is great work by Kris.

And in other good news:

...yesterday was a blue-bird powder day in Utah!

Enjoy the process!

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