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Married and Pregnant on the World Cup

Wed, Oct  31, 2007 - By FIS

The new season is about to start! Here is a summary of some changes in the family lives of the World Cup athletes since last season as provided by the different National Ski Associations.


  • Sara Renner is planning to return to the World Cup in January after a baby break (Aria was born in Feburary 2007).


  • Kamila Rajdlova is pregnant and will continue her career in 2008/2009.


  • Kristina Šmigun-Vähi married Kristjan Thor Vähi in July 2007. She will take a break this season and is diligently studying English in the United States.


  • Pirjo Muranen (fromer Pirjo Manninen) got married in June.
  • Kirsi Antila (former Kirsi Vaelimaa) also got married this summer.


  • Karine Laurent-Philippot was married to Massimo Laurent in the autumn of 2006 and will start under her double name this season.
  • Christophe Perrillat became father in December 2006. His wife is Aurélie Storti, a former Cross-Country World Cup athlete.
  • Alexandre Rousselet became father for the second time in March 2007 (son Noé).


  • Fabio Santus had a son, Filippo, in October.


  • Elena Kolomina and Svetlana Malahova are pregnant.


  • Jens Arne Svartedal became father of daughter Ellinor in September 2007.


  • Olga Savialova and Alena Sidko are pregnant.
  • Julija Tchepalova will return to the World Cup after having a baby, daughter Vaselina, with Vassili Rotchev in February 2007.
  • Eugenie Dementiev was married to Ekaterina this summer.
  • Nikolai Pankratov also got married this summer.


  • Kikkan Randall got engaged to a Canadian named Jeff Ellis this summer.

*Completeness of this list not guaranteed