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Yellowstone Ski Festival Restaurant Reviews

Wed, Nov  7, 2007 - By Jamie Greene

There are quite a few restaurants in West Yellowstone and we have worked hard to make sure that most of them are open during the Yellowstone Ski Festival. Here’s a brief review of most of the places that have committed to being open during this year’s event:

Bullwinkle’s Saloon and Retaurant - 19 Madison Avenue: Bullwinkle’s is a West Yellowstone landmark. With a wide selection of different entrees ranging from sandwiches to seafood, there is something for everyone at Bullwinkle’s. Beware Vikings fans – once you set foot in the door you are in Packer country. Jackie and Dennis also have a full bar with a great selection of beer and wine. Phone: 406-646-7974.

The Canyon Street Grill – 22 N. Canyon Street: This place just feels good. It’s decorated like a 1950’s diner but it’s brightly lit, super clean and just, well, cool. The food’s great and the Turemans and their staff are friendly. Phone: 406-646-7548.

Wild West Pizzeria – 14 Madison Avenue: Wild West has always been a big supporter of the Ski Festival and Aaron Hecht and his crew gets overrun during the event. Their pizza is incredible and, in case you didn’t know, Wild West is the source of the famous lasagna that Freeheel and Wheel serves every year. Strozzi’s Bar and the Red Door Lounge are right next door if you need a cold beer. Phone: 406-646-4400.

TJ’s Bettola at the Airport: First, yes, the restaurant is really at the airport. And you’ll find the entrance to the airport a little over a mile north of town on the west side of the highway. TJ has been a Yellowstone Ski Festival supporter for the last several years and she does a wonderful job in the kitchen. She specializes in fine Italian cuisine and has a terrific selection of wines. Dinner reservations are highly recommended! TJ’s will be closed between now and November 17 so to make reservations (and, yes, some folks have already beat you to the punch) call 406-646-4700 and leave a message or call TJ directly on her cell phone at 406-799-6448.

Uncle Laurie’s Riverside Café – 237 Firehole Avenue: It’s tough to find a better breakfast and lunch spot in town. Another big Ski Festival supporter, Laurie serves everything from breakfast burritos to turkey sandwiches to Mexican dishes. She’s also got an espresso machine and she knows how to use it. This one’s a no-brainer. Laurie has extended her hours during the Ski Festival and will be open from 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday, closed Thanksgiving Day and open from 6:30 – 4:00 PM on Friday and Saturday. Phone: 406-646-7040.

Bar-N-Ranch – west of town off Highway 20: This is where the restaurant owners go to eat on their night off. Enough said? Mike and Gayle Gavagan took on the Bar N Ranch a couple of years ago and they have turned it into a delight for in house guests and visitors alike. They have a totally new menu this year and you’ll definitely want to get reservations. Open every day and serving Thanksgiving dinner from 4:00 – 9:00 PM. Phone: 406-646-0300.

Beartooth Barbecue – 111 N. Canyon Street: Beartooth is one of West Yellowstone’s most popular restaurants. Now in his fourth year of business, Eric Tipps serves up the real deal and he is serves it several ways: ribs, sandwiches and even salads. A great selection of beers makes Beartooth Barbecue a good call. Phone: 406-646-0227.

Sydney’s Mountain Bistro – 38 Canyon Street: Sydney’s is a relatively new restaurant in West Yellowstone. Located at the intersection of Canyon Street and Madison Avenue (on the southwest corner), this small place serves lunch and dinner and opens at 11:00 AM. The menu includes wild salmon, Panang chicken and great steaks. Phone: 406-646-7660.

New York Diner – 215 N. Canyon Street: Yet another new restaurant!  This one is owned and operated by Gail and Derek Auclair, the folks that run Yellowstone Lodge. If you’ve ever talked to either one of them, you’ve heard their accents and know darn well that they ought to know what a New Your Diner serves. The Diner menu includes grinders, chowder and pizza – and a glossary of “lingo” that includes terms like “pete-sir” (usually ordered with pepperoni and cheese) and “grinduh” (a submarine sandwich). Free delivery! Phone: 406-646-7375 or 406-646-7380.

Oregon Short Line – 315 Yellowstone Avenue: Speaking of the Holiday Inn, this is their restaurant. Meal packages will be available for guests but the restaurant is also open to the public. This is the most conveniently located restaurant for those of you that want to stay close to the action of the clinics and the Indoor Ski Show. Phone: 406-646-7365.

Three Bear Lodge and Restaurant – 217 Yellowstone: The Three Bear Restaurant is only open to guests of the Lodge during the Ski Festival. They do have a great meal package, though, and are a big part of Ski Festival tradition. Phone: 406-646-7353.