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Crystal Highlander Officially Moved to Sunday

Wed, Jan  12, 2005 - By Roger Putman, Crystal Mountain

The Race has been moved from Saturday to Sunday to give us one more day of regenerating the trails after the rain, warming cold et al....God does it get any better than this? While I realize the decision may conflict with other events that day, we felt the racers had to have the assurance we wouldn't give up without trying to pull it off.

The route has been groomed today and we are waiting to see what the impact of the warm rain will have on the trail.

The final go/no go call will be made Saturday at noon and if the event happens it will likely be a 8-9 k route with two laps for everyone but the High Schoolers....they will do one.

Registration will open Sunday at 8:00 am and the start will be at 11:00. Whether we can put tracks down will also determine if there will be a classical division. The main issue for the call however, remains a safe and high quality course.

Stay tuned and updates will continue as we get closer. Thanks to everyone who responded to my email asking about the Sunday event.

Cheers and Happy Trails
Roger Putman