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Interview with top cross country skier Lukas Bauer

World Cup

Thu, Nov  22, 2007 - By FIS

30-year-old Lukas Bauer from the Czech Republic is a top skier in the FIS Cross-Country World Cup, and a winner of 15 km Olympic Medal in Torino 2006 as well as three FIS World Cup races. Unfortunately he couldn’t start in the first edition of the Tour de Ski due to an illness. Lukas Bauer, who won the 15 km classical technique test race in Muonio (FIN) last Saturday clearly ahead of the two Russians, Nikolay Pankratov and Alexander Legkov, gave the Media Chief of Nove Mesto an update on his preparations during the summer and his view of the Tour de Ski.

FIS Cross-Country News: We heard that you had two operations – is everything fine now?

Lukas Bauer: Yes, I had two surgeries after the FIS Nordic World Ski Championship in Sapporo 2007. In April, the doctor removed my tonsil and at the end of June, I had a knee tendon operation. But now I am ready for the winter season 2007/2008 and will start in Beitostoelen.

FIS Cross-Country News: Last season you trained with the German Team, what have you done this summer?

Lukas Bauer: I held a one week training camp with the Czech national team on the glacier in Dachstein (AUT) but then missed the second camp because of some problems with my wisdom tooth.

FIS Cross-Country News: What do you think about the Tour de Ski?

Lukas Bauer: I am looking forward to my first start on the Tour. Last year, I was ill shortly before the Tour and so I decided to prepare myself for the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Sapporo. But I watched the Tour on TV. From my point of view, it looked like a very hard race without a rest. For me, the Tour will be the highlight of the season.

FIS Cross-Country News: Are you afraid of the Final Climb?

Lukas Bauer: No, I’m not afraid of it - the Final Climb isn’t a problem for me!