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Targets in Anchorage, Alaska installed

Fri, Nov  23, 2007 - By US Biathlon Association

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA. The new targets in Anchorage have been installed! They got started at 9:00 a.m. and finished up at 4:30 pm Tuesday, November 19, 2007. Everything was unpacked, measured, lead traps put up, and targets put together and placed. There were five people helping the HoRa crew Tuesday. On Wednesday, they worked on the electrical junction boxes from the firing line to the targets and hooked up the targets with their electrical cables. They made good progress on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

Weather was in the 30s for work on Tuesday with some sunshine but the wind was blowing in it was in the 40s with rain and snow on Wednesday.

Below are the pictures showing the progress of the target installation!

Targets ready to be installed.


Measuring targets.


Before the targets were installed.


They made quick work of installing the targets.


A new target.


The range is almost done!