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UPDATED: Aspen Park 6km Time Trial Results, Jan 18

Wed, Jan  19, 2005 - By Jeff Kalember

Results of the Alpine Striders 6km race are in.  9 deg F temps and a solid track greeted 8 classic skiers to the 4 lap 6km time trial Tuesday night at Aspen Park in Gaylord. 
Sorry to to the two guys that don't have names!! Please email Mike Muha ( or me ( and we'll get that fixed!!
Jeff Hervela 21:26
Jamie Green 22:18
Jeff Kalember 22:29
Ken Ames 25:00
George Gambert *
Mark Kurz 24:21
Jerry Weiss
Dave Samalik
*George Gambert says, "I think I won, when I finished and looked at my watch it said 00:00:00.00 which is much faster than any of the other times."