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World Cup Races in Canmore

Mon, Dec  3, 2007 - By US Ski Team

Information for competitors and coaches

USSA is able to enter an additional 5 men and 5 women above its normal World Cup quota during the World Cup races in Canmore in January. Athletes aiming for selection to these races should review the following information.
Team size
USSA is able to enter the athletes into the World Cup in Canmore according to the following quotas:

  • Women’s Sprint – 3 (international quota) + 5 (national quota)
  • Women’s Distance – 2 (international quota) + 5 (national quota)
  • Men’s Sprint – 4 (international quota) + 5 (national quota)
  • Men’s Distance – 3 (international quota) + 5 (national quota)
Minimum standards for eligibility
In order to be eligible for selection for the quotas listed above, athletes must be U.S. citizens, have a valid and active USSA license and FIS code, and have one FIS point result on the FIS points list valid at the time of the races in Canmore, equal to or lower than the following minimum standards:
  • Women’s Sprint international quota – 120 points (Sprint or Distance)
  • Women’s Distance international quota – 90 points (in a Distance race)
  • Men’s Sprint international quota – 120 points (Sprint or Distance)
  • Men’s Distance international quota – 60 points (in a Distance race)
  • All national quotas – 120 points (Sprint or Distance)
In addition to the quotas listed above, the overall leaders of the SuperTour immediately following the U.S. Championship in Houghton, MI are allowed to start, as long as they have met the minimum FIS point standards for the international quotas (in the 365 days before the races in Canmore).
Team selection criteria
Team selection criteria for the entire World Cup season is posted as a PDF below. Specific selection criteria for the races in Canmore are contained within this criteria.
Costs for athletes
The cost for participation in the World Cup races is $960*, and includes:
  • Lodging (full-board) from Jan. 19*-27: ($120 per night)
  • Ground transportation in Canmore from the official arrival date
  • Airport shuttles according to the following: USSA will organize one free transport between the airport and team hotel upon arrival and departure. The date and time of these shuttles is TBD, and specific information will be posted here when it is available. Space on these shuttles must be booked with USSA at least one week in advance. Athletes arriving at times different from the official airport shuttles are responsible for their own transportation (there are a number of shuttle services between the airport in Calgary and Canmore, available for approx. $100 round-trip).
Other costs must be taken care of by each athlete (additional transportation, incidentals, wax and tools, etc.). $960 must be paid in full to USSA by check or Visa card before athletes will be entered in the races.
*The official arrival date will be confirmed by the organizers. Jan. 19 is the tentative arrival date. If the arrival date is adjusted to a later date, the cost of the project will be adjusted. Arrivals earlier than Jan. 19 (or the finalized official arrival date) are the responsibility of each athlete to arrange.
Athletes will be responsible for providing the wax and tools necessary to prepare their own skis. USSA will provide assistance with testing, and application of race waxes to the extent that the on-site manpower allows.
Information for coaches

USSA will accredit the coaches of any qualified athlete who would like to participate in the World Cup as a member of the support staff, with the following conditions:
  • Coaches are responsible for all of their own costs. USSA may be able to provide assistance with booking lodging, airport transportation and ground transportation, an will bill the coach according to the actual expenses.
  • Coaches must agree to work within the overall support staff, with duties as assigned by the Head Coach or Head Technician. Additional coaches must be prepared to work on behalf of ALL qualified athletes, not just their own athletes.
All athletes are required to wear the U.S. Ski Team uniform (racing suit and hat). USSA will make its best effort to provide a uniform for each athlete when they compete.