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A GREAT Weekend for US Cross Country Skiing

Tue, Dec  4, 2007 - By Ian Harvey

Normally, we (Toko) focus on information that pertains strictly to Toko (news, technical information, support that is available to you, and product information), but this weekend's results were just too great not to focus on.  So often the US has some great results and too many of our ski community are not aware. No longer...

On Friday in the Nordic Combined World Cup, Johnny Spillane finished 2nd and Billy Demong 7th.  On Saturday, in another WC event, Demong finished 3rd and Spillane 6th. They are currently ranked 2nd (Spillane) and 4th (Demong) in the overall Nordic Combined World Cup!

There was a classic sprint World Cup race held on Saturday. Andy Newell finished 4th, Kikkan Randall 16th, and Torin Koos 22nd.  On Sunday, Kris Freeman stormed through the last few kms of a 15km classic World Cup to finish 5th, just 7 seconds out of 2nd!

There were 3 Biathlon World Cups held this weekend (Fri-Sun). The US men did great. They had 5 top 28 finishes including a 9th place by Jay Hakkinen and a 12th place by Tim Burke.

Congratulations to these fine athletes for representing us very well at the highest levels of our sport. With 8 XC or NC finishers inside the top 22 and 6 top 7 finishes (including 4 different athletes!), this is the most successful weekend for US Cross Country Skiing that I can remember.
Toko Well Represented on World Cup

Axel Teichmann has finished 1st and 3rd in the first two distance World Cups and Lukas Bauer 2nd and 1st.  Toko is excited to cooperate with Axel and Lukas.  These excellent finishes demonstrate how Toko is not only simple and well organized, but also offers the best waxing and tool products available on the market today.  

We are excited about further development and innovation of top products through collaboration with top athletes, teams, waxers, scientists, and the general skiing community.  Lukas and Axel are currently ranked 1st and 2nd in the overall World Cup standings.