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Applying Toko Klister Grip Spray Green

Toko Tech Tip

Sat, Dec  8, 2007 - By Ian Harvey

Carbon Klister Grip Spray GreenCarbon Klister Grip Spray Green is a very convenient and effective product.  When conditions are between hard wax and klister, it is very effective to use a thin klister binder and cover it with hard wax. 

There is no easier or quicker way to apply a thin application of Green Klister binder than with the Carbon Klister Grip Spray Green. This is the exact same product as what is in the Carbon Green Klister tube.  The practical difference is that when applied as a spray, it goes on super thin (and quick and easy!) making it especially perfect for these "tweener" conditions. 

After spraying it on, work the klister for about 10 seconds with the thumb, let harden, then cover as necessary.