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Lower Noquemanon Trail grooming policy change

Sat, Dec  8, 2007 - By Noquemanon Trail Network

Due to the high walking traffic, the Tourist Park trailhead will not be groomed on a regular basis this winter. Many people walk on the trail, through the groomed tracks, destroying the grooming efforts…. Also, many people allow their dogs to run free, which also causes problems with safety. This section of trail, from the 10km mark to the dome, will be prepped only for the ski marathon, and possibly groomed once in a while. To make things consistent, and offer a quality grooming product, we will not be advertising the grooming of this section of trail. Also, because of the trail crossing the ponds, there are also safety concerns with our grooming equipment and staff crossing the ponds on a regular basis.

Now that there is more skiing at the Forestville Trailhead, the efforts along the Noquemanon Trail have been shifted, to better distribute resources. The NTN works on a stream-lined budget to allow for a good grooming product and also to accommodate the folks that support the trail efforts. The NTN distributed a survey, studying all of the trails in the Spring of 2007, and only 12% of the respondents ski on that section of trail less than 5 times a winter. This is why the decision was made.

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