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Randall at her best the Rest put to the Test

Tue, Dec  11, 2007 - By Pete Vordenberg,

Kikkan Randall had her best classical distance race probably of her life so far.  Her fitness is awesome, her classical technique greatly improved.  And next stop is Rybinsk - site of her first World Cup podium.

If ski racing was all blue skies, blue wax, feeling strong and good results it wouldn't be worth pursuing. The hard times are often the good times even if only in retrospect. Sport is about challenge - and cross country skiing has lots to offer. That's the test - accepting the challenge by learning from setbacks and improving by them rather than letting them pull you down in to negativity and self doubt.

Our guys also have the fitness.  They have the technique.  They have the mental toughness.  They will pass the Test.

Can you?

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