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Kikkan wins; Newell 7th

Sun, Dec  16, 2007 - By Pete Vordenberg,

Hearty congratulations to Alaska Pacific University Coaches, Athletes and Support Crew!   Great work Erik Flora, Frode Lillefjell, Holly Brooks and the whole APU staff. Congratulations to Chris Grover, the USST staff and to the USST wax team and Justin Wadworth that are in Russia right now.

And of course GREAT JOB KIKKAN!

For pics from last year check out "Russia Three top  20, Kikkan top 3"

This is a first in many ways and a first for a long time in every other way.

Be sure to check out tonight or tomorrow when they are in a place to update... it'll be fun to read!

Newell Won the B-final after having gotten tangled up in one of his heats.  Great work Andy!


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