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Swedish Ahrlin Wins La Sgamdeda Again

Tue, Dec  18, 2007 - By La Sgambeda

Livigno (SO) 16th December 2007 – He came to win and this is what has just happened, Jerry Ahrlin (SWE) wins La Sgambeda 2007 in Livigno, first race of FIS Marathon Cup. 29 years old athlete from Ostersund has competed within the leading group for most of the 42 km Once arrived in the stadium area, he has speeded up getting the front raw to finally sprint in the last meters and win.

Mens’ podium

Anders Aukland, has participated to the race together with his brother Joergen, they have tried to speed up before finishing area, but the leading group of 25 athletes, has not allowed them to run away. Second place for Anders at photofinish over Marco Cattaneo (winner of FIS Marathon Cup in 2006).

Women’s race

Success for Tatiana Jambaeva (RUS), rollerskiing world champion. Second place for Hilde Pedersen (NOR) who has leaded half of the race but than started having problems and almost missed this second place and Elin Ek (SWE) arrives third.

22km Race

Marianna Longa (ITA) has decided to wear once again a bib, either for her fans either to feel one more time the race experience. Second place for Christine Moritz (SVI) and Claudia Janett (SVI). All Italian the short track podium with Daniel Pietrogiovanna, Mirco Pezzo and Morris Galli.

More than 1100 skiers coming from 23 nations  have participated today and with the first 100 points of FIS Marathon Cup 2008  assigned to Ahrlin and Jambaieva, ends the 18th edition of La Sgambeda, opening event of the long distance nordic season.

Interview...with Jerry Ahrlin

It’s been a great race, the toughest I ever made, it was really cold with a slow snow, I don’t know which was the temperature level, but I felt like there were - 50°C, especially the last part of the track was tough. Many strong competitors in the last kilometer, but than I made it in sprint and I’m satisfied, winning La Sgambeda for the second time, just like I did last year.

...with Tatiana Jambaeva

I like Italy an I’me quite happy about today’s results, nice track. And nice weather conditions, beautiful sunny day.


Men’s results

1.   Ahrlin Jerry            SWE  1:45.22,9
2.   Aukland Anders          NOR  1:45.23,0
3.   Cattaneo Marco          ITA  1:45.23,1
4.   Grandelis Tullio        ITA  1:45.23,3
5.   Debertolis Bruno        ITA  1:45.23,6
6.   Carrara Bruno           ITA  1:45.24,1
7.   Freimuth Thomas         GER  1:45.24,4
8.   Clementi Federico       ITA  1:45.24,5
9.   De Zolt Roberto         ITA  1:45.26,1
10.  Novotny Viktor          CZE  1:45.27,2

Womens’ results

1.   Jambaeva Tatiana        RUS  1:57.59,6
2.   Pedersen Hilde          NOR  2:01.31,7
3.   Ek Elin                 SWE  2:02.53,6
4.   Hansson Jenny           SWE  2:03.18,7
5.   L. Cortesi Nathascia    SUI  2:03.21,7
6.   Nunige-Baumann Jasmine  SUI  2:06.22,6
7.   De Martin Veronica      ITA  2:11.14,3
8.   Carmagnola Daniela      ITA  2:13.44,1
9.   Jetmarova Jana          CZE  2:15.52,5
10.  Felgenhauer Stefanie    GER  2:28.47,1