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Vasa 32-32-32 Plan

Wed, Dec  19, 2007 - By Pete LaPLaca

We hope that you are enjoying the exceptional ski conditions on the Vasa trail and are well along in your training programs for the 2008 North American Vasa. Our board has been working on the race for almost a year including major trail resurfacing, new sponsors, a greatly expanded Sunday schedule, new medals, etc. We received one piece of good news about ten days ago when the DNR reversed an earlier decision not to help fund grooming expenses on the Vasa trails. Their contribution helps TART in covering the costs related to grooming during the ski season.

If you haven't already signed up for the Vasa, now is the time to take advantage of our "32-32-32" plan. That translates to $32 for the 27km race to celebrate our 32nd anniversary up to 32 days before the race (January 8th). You can pick up a race application at your favorite local ski shop or online at For additional information you can call: (231)938-4400.

Vasa Raffle

We will be conducting a 50-50 raffle for this year's race. Board members, Deb Westphal and Judy Vajda will be coordinating this program. All proceeds will be split with 50% going to the first prize winner and 50% will be used to offset VASA grooming expenses and planned trail upgrades. Tickets will be $50 each. You can contact Deb at or Judy at for more information. The tickets will be available around New Year's Day.