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Four questions to Astrid Jacobsen

Sun, Dec  23, 2007 - By FIS

The 20-year old Astrid Jacobsen from Norway has been the surprise of the Cross-Country Ski racing season so far.The 20-year old Astrid Jacobsen from Norway has been the surprise of the Cross-Country season so far. The Sprint World Champion from Sapporo 2007 has made her mark in the distance races as well and is the current leader of the overall World Cup. Jacobsen won her first World Cup (in a distance race!) last weekend in Rybinsk. She gave the FIS Cross-Country News (CCN) a short interview about her future plans.

CCN: Astrid, your season so far has been great, you are the current leader of the Viessmann FIS World Cup. What are your expectations for the Viessmann FIS Tour de Ski performance by Craft Sportswear?

Astrid Jacobsen: My season so far was great and hopefully I can continue the season with many good races. For the Tour, I hope that I will race eight good races. Mostly I have one not so good a race and I hope that I’m more stabile this year. My ambitions are to be in the top ten in the overall results.

CCN: What do you think is the hardest part for you at the Tour?

Astrid Jacobsen: For me, it will be the last Stage. I’m not used to ski such kind of races. I competed in an uphill race in Norway last year – it was longer than the Final Climb and it was very hard for me.

Astrid JacobsenCCN: What is your opinion of the Final Climb?

Astrid Jacobsen: The Final Climb is something special and it is very good for the spectators. But for me as I’ve never been a good climber it will be hard. I’m very curious how it will work for me compared to the other athletes.

CCN: How do you celebrate Christmas?

Astrid Jacobsen:
I will stay home and celebrate Christmas as usual with my family. In Oslo, we have no snow at the moment, so it will be a green Christmas with my yellow bib under the Christmas tree. We will already leave to Nove Mesto on 26th.

(Photos by Nordic Focus)