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Ernie Brumbaugh recovering from heart attack

Sat, Dec  22, 2007 - By Carole Mueller-Brumbaugh

Hi All!
Ernie was released from Spectrum Butterworth Meijer Heart Center about 7:00 PM last night.  He still has the pneumonia from aspirating before/during his heart attack.  Thursday, I had problems keeping him in bed to let things heal after the heart procedure. Then, Friday I had to get him out of bed to help clear the lungs as the doctors ordered.  Ernie's brother, Chuck came down from Traverse City and helped me keeping him moving and walking until Mark ??? (Ernie's previous Group Leader) came and took over.  Ernie was not as stubborn to say no to walking with them as me.  I'm just the wife that cares and loves him, but the motivating pesty thorn to keeping him moving to help the lungs clear.  However, Ernie is stuck with me as his thorn in his side! :)
Our good friend and cardiologist, Dr. Bob Davidson, is going to come over to the house to today to watch a football game and do a "house call" and check Ernie out.  A great friend to have right now! :)  He can't be left home alone yet.  This will allow me to do grocery shopping and do the other errands that need to be done.  Anyone wanting to watch some football with Ernie, let me know.  Unfortunately, we do not have a big screen TV here.
Again, thank you to everyone for all that you have done for Ernie and me.  We always considered you all dear friends and a "second" family.  Thanks for being there for us.  Have a blessed Merry Christmas!  I have already received my gift by having Ernie still alive.  Besides, I need him as much as he needs me to keep him in line!
Ernie will not be back into the office until January 7th after the holidays.  Not much usually happens there away.  However, if anyone wants to call or e-mail Ernie, his computer will be back here at the house when Dr. Bob comes.  Call and come over!
Gratefully forever,