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Tour de Ski: We have snow

Thu, Dec  27, 2007 - By Vegard Ulvang

Nove Mesto has snow, 4.5 km with wide courses and reports minus 5 degrees Celsius. Conditions can't be better. Prague Val de Fiemme and Asiago also reports on good skiing conditions. In other words we are finally ready for the second edition of “The Tour de Ski”. Grammatically wrong English and French but already established as a brand with a meaning understood by CC people al over the world, says Race Director Jürg Capol.

More than 180 journalists has got there accreditations, 9 TV stations is in Nove Mesto and another four will be commenting from home. No doubt that the Tour will be the big event for CC this year. Representing one of the millions infront of the TV with a little bit more than average CC interest, I will try to give you some daily comments from the TV chair at home.

Let me wish athletes, coaches, organizers and journalist's good luck for their next 10 days.