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White Pine 50 Km Shortened to 35+ Km

Mon, Jan  31, 2005 - By White Pine Organizaers

The White Pine Stampede WILL run. We will be able to offer three event distances, but the 50k event must be shortened to 35+ kilometers. 10k and 20 skiers, you can count on skiing your full distance, approximately. Our starting field will be moved several hundred yards further west from the high school building and there will be other minor changes.

Please understand that we will endeavor to provide the best skiing surface possible. However, there are thin spots and our road crossing surfaces will unavoidably have some sand mixed-in. Please consider your ‘rock’ skis if you have a choice.

According to George Gambert who has been out on the trails, "The skiing is still great, with only easily avoided problems on trails at Schuss. They  groomed several that had not been groomed previously and they were ok. No rain in forecast. I suspect I’ll be on good ski’s with klister, but that decision will be on Friday. There is a good chance of VERY FAST, well groomed course."