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Chestnut Valley FS move to Nubs Nob

Michigan Cup

Thu, Jan  3, 2008 - By Nick Baic

The second Michigan Cup Race of the season! Usually held at Chestnut Valley, this year's race will start at the Nubs Nob Ski Lodge and utilize the West Trail System. A trail pass for training on the Nubs Nob trails is included in the entry. 

The race was moved because the Chestnut Valley Lodge is closed this winter, and we wanted to have an indoor place for registration and awards. The race will be 10k over multiple laps, with a mass start.

One hill may be longer than Chestnut but not too difficult. Most of the course is on the Nubs Nob night loop. This is a great first skate race of the season. New ski racers will find it challenging but not intimidating. The start finish area is between the lift ticket purchase area and the chair lifts at the bottom of the alpine hill.