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Vasa Update

Tue, Feb  1, 2005 - By James Monroe

The North American Vasa Board of Directors met tonight. Based on the conditions on the Vasa Trail and weather forecasts for the next 10 to 15 days we expect that the North American Vasa scheduled for February 12th will be for the full 12, 27, and 50 km distances.

Most of race course is in good condition. The main trail has been groomed all winter and is in good shape with several inches of compacted snow over an ice base. The only area of concern is the start/ finish area which has only a thin layer of ice and snow.

The weather forecast for the next two weeks calls for temperatures to range from lows in the mid 20s to highs in the mid 30s.  We do not expect any problems as long as high temperatures stay in the mid 30s.

If there are any last minute changes they will be announced in the Vasa Newsletter. There is link to the newsletter on the Vasa home page. . They should appear on as well.