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Copper Country Ski Tigers call for used equipment

Sun, Nov  2, 2003

Calling all Nordic Ski Racers,

The Copper Country Ski Tigers need your help.  We successfully recruited a nucleus of 15 skiers to form a competitive team for Middle and High School age young adults.  Some members are Ski Tiger veterans and some are new to the sport.  All are excited about getting on skis and eagerly waiting the upcoming season.  Here is where you can help.

Any ski racer knows how equipment intensive the sport can be.  The list of 'must-haves' can be overwhelming to someone entering the competitive side of skiing.  State sanctioned high school sports like football, track and  volleyball have equipment budgets funded through the school system. We do not have this line of financing available to completely outfit our athletes, and in order to prevent sticker shock from dampening the excitement of the kids and their parents, we are determined to build an inventory of equipment for these budding athletes.

As you go through your equipment in preparation for the member sales at Downwind Sports and Cross Country Sports, please consider donating used racing equipment to your local HS/MS team.  Alternatively, you can sell gear too valuable to give away at the Ski Tiger Nordic Swap on 15 November (2-4 pm @ Maasto Hiihto Chalet).  We are looking for up to 5-year old equipment fitting athletes ranging from 80 lbs. to 175 lbs., 4'8" to 6' and boot size 35 to 47.  Skis (with or without bindings), boots, poles for skiing, poles for hill bounding/ski walking.  If you can help or if you want more team details, please contact coach Doug Oppliger
482.9669/ or Michael Young

One of the special things about our local ski community is its dedication
to passing on the tradition and joy of cross country skiing.  Your help in
keeping the competitive flame flickering in our youth will help guarantee
the Keweenaw remains a mecca of nordic skiing in the midwest for many
years to come.

Thanks for listening.