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Collegiate Ski Race at Forestville this weekend

Fri, Jan  18, 2008 - By Noquemanon Trail Network

NMU & the Noquemanon Trail Network will be hosting 7 colleges at the Forestville Trailhead this weekend! 140 skiers and their coaches will be enjoying the NTN’s advanced trail. This was a last minute decision by race organizers after potential sub-zero temperatures at Mt Itasca caused the cancellation of the SuperTour races scheduled there this weekend.

The Advanced loop will be closed on Saturday afternoon & Sunday for part of the day due to the racers, for their safety and for others. They will race the advanced trail and portions of the Noquemanon Trail, Sprint Loop & Bypass trail, but only the advanced trail will be closed. The main reason is to keep the grooming integrity to a premiere condition for the skier’s.