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CAN WC real short report

Wed, Jan  23, 2008 - By Pete Vordenberg,

Hello from Canmore and the Canadian World Cup.

Today has been a good day of racing.  Morgan Arritola had a good race today - showing that she has really made some improvement in classical skiing and that she is also skating at a high level.  Development comes in jumps and starts as well as periods of stagnation.  Morgan has been working hard, had the normal downs, and I was happy to see her have a real up day today.  Kris Freeman who has also had some serious ups and downs this year had a positive race today - no he wasn't in his top form but he is certainly getting there.

Not all our athletes had the best race of their lives.  There is little room for being at all "off" at the World Cup before you can find yourself alone on the course.  These can be very tough experiences.  But in no way are they failures.  These tough experiences offer opportunity to learn, evalutate and plot future direction and action.

All I ask of our athletes is that they ski as fast as they can on the day, that they give everything they have while they are out there - then they can be proud of their effort.

The world cup staff has been doing great work.  The staff includes our normal world cup staff but also includes coaches from clubs across the nation.  More on that as well as more from the World Cup and photos too...

Please support our athletes.

Help Team Today reach its goals by supporting our skiers today!