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Kuzz and Zimm and the plan truth, and yet...

Sun, Jan  27, 2008 - By Pete Vordenberg,

Kuzz and Zimm and the plain truth

Garrott Kuzzy placed 34th in the Canmore 15K freestyle for a 39 point FIS race and Zimmermann was 38th with a 42 point race.  These FIS points put these two in a position to race world cups in the future.  Great races by those two.  Freeman had to settle for 29th - which is simply where his fitness is right now.  That is the plain truth.  No one is psyched about that - but his prep leading into these races wasn't good enough to expect anything more.  For now.  James Southam showed his best form of the season with a sub 60point race.  On the women's side Kate Arduser had her best skate race of all time.  That's all for today.

and yet...Three top 11

We did not accomplish our goals. Targeting a race series and a specific race is a different task than simply improving generally.  I am very happy with the level our athletes have reached and encouraged by the level they have shown they can reach.  But now we have to take the next step and find the podium under the pressure of making it a specific goal in a specific event.  Today our top results looked like this:

Randall - 8th in the Freestyle Sprints.  Kuzzy - 9th.  Koos - 11th.  Newell 17th.  Garrott Kuzzy of the CXC team killed it today.  These results are really good and do indicate that we have made a great deal of progress as a ski country.  But the results we have gotten here in Canmore are not up to our ability and they reveal a task we must address in our program if we are to reach our biggest goals.

I believe in our athletes and I believe in the staff.  I believe in the team.  I know we can do better.

While I cannot be satisfied with our races here I have to point out that we had some real highlights as well and some great signs of the good things going on in our ski community.

For today's result I would like to give one big congratulations to the CXC program.  CXC - great, great work.

Pics and such to come when there is more time...

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