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Dell Todd names club honoring Vasa skiers

Thu, Jan  31, 2008 - By Vasa

We announced a naming contest for our new honorary club for Vasa skiers who have done at least twenty races. We are very appreciative of their contributions over the years in helping to make the North American Vasa the "Traverse City Tradition" now celebrating our 32nd year.

We received many proposals both of the serious and hilarious nature. Some of the notable ones were: "Knights of the Snow," "Vasasaurus", "The Vasa Fossils", the "King Gustav Royal Club", "Ski Nordic Old Timers (SNOTS)", "Over the Hills-Again and Again", Vasa Race Kings, etc.

After much serious deliberation, our board selected King Vasa's Viking Club as the official title for this venerable group. The winner of the naming contest was Dell Todd of Grand Rapids. He will receive a ski apparel item of his choice.

Thank you to all who submitted entries. Each of the eligible members of the King Vasa's Viking Club will receive a special Swix water bottle holster/belt that will identify them as a member of this select group. Their bibs will also identify them as a member of the club.