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Fischer picks Pebax for its new cross-country ski boots

Fri, Feb  1, 2008 - By Arekma

FISCHER, the number 1 for nordic skiing, has chosen Pebax for the construction of the outer soles of its new cross-country ski boots, RSC Carbonlite Classic and Skating, the lightest boots currently on the market.

To mark the event, Arkema has joined forces with FISCHER to launch a new on-line competition on , a website dedicated to sports applications.

Websurfers who are also ski fans are invited to visit the website to check out the unique properties of the Pebax brand, a high-tech plastic used in sports equipment, in particular ski boots, and try to win one of 6 pairs of Fischer RCS Carbonlite Classic and Skating boots.

FISCHER, the Austrian reference brand in the world of alpine and nordic ski, has chosen the material Pebax as it helps reduce weight while optimizing performance.

20% lighter than traditional materials, Pebax offers excellent mechanical strength and flexibility that remain unaffected by low temperatures.

The use of Pebax in the Fischer RCS Carbonlite Classic and Skating boots ensures excellent torsional rigidity, hence outstanding comfort, stability when standing, and energy transfer.

With these featherweight boots on their feet, skiers will have no trouble leaving their competitors trailing behind on the piste!