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Canmore Final Report...With Photos

Fri, Feb  1, 2008 - By Pete Vordenberg,

The World Cup staff:  Ben Grasseschi from the Far West Region and the Auburn Ski Club, Chris Mallory (pictured here) from SVSEF and the Intermountain Region, Bryan Fish from the CXC elite team and the Central Cross Country Region, Nathan Schultz from Boulder Nordic Sport and the Rocky Mountain Region, Erik Flora and Frode Lillefjell from APU and the Alaska Region.  This staff did an increadible job managing the nations group as well as testing skis and wax and waxing skis.  Thanks for your help all.  To be involved - get involved.  See below for more info.

Fitness first.  700 hours a year of quality cross country training is the starting point.  

...By age 23 a skier must be training at or over 700 professional hours depending on the amount of intensity and training focus.  Athlete must be working with a coach and competing at the appropriate domestic and international level...




The crew.  The only way we're going to win medals is working together.  Gots rifts? Start Mending.


Grover and Garrott.  Bryan Fish and the CXC team have made increadible strides.  Those in the central region this is a great resource to take advantage of and a resource that needs your support.



Chandra Crawford. 


We have a task before us as a national team.  We are podium contenders and that is huge, huge progress.  I am very proud of our athletes for arriving at this level.  I am very proud of them for forging ground after 23+ years of struggle.  Now we are in a place to be disapointed by top 10 results.  The next steps will be the toughest.  Lets take the next step.


Kikkan Randall.  I believe in our athletes.  I know they have everthing it takes.


The Canmore Venue is one of the best.  Here Kate Arduser from APU.  The type of hard work Erik Flora, the staff and the athletes do up at APU is astounding and has achieved great things.



Torin Koos is ALL IN.


Leif Zimmermann from Bozeman and the BSF program lead by Dragan Danevsky.


Morgan Arritola from SVSEF lead by Rick Kapalla and a great staff including Abi Holt and Chris Mallory.


USST wax tech Peter Johannson helping Andy Newell test skis.  The job of the tech is long days in and out of the wax cabin - skiing, waxing, testing, repeat.  Great work to all our staff and wax techs.



Next stop for the World Cup team is Otepaa, Estonia.  Junior Worlds and Under 23 Worlds, due to an utter organizing fiasco (that is costing us thousands of dollars) coupled with poor weather conditions (no back up site, no snow making) have been postponed.  We'll keep you up to date on that.

All Photos are supplied by and the photographer was Phil Bowen.

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