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EPO found in two samples from biathlete Kaisa Varis


Fri, Feb  1, 2008 - By US Biathlon Association

A press conference and press release here in Ruhpolding Germany today at 3 PM CET by International Biathlon Secretary General Michael Geistlinger announced the following regarding positive test of biathlete Kaisa Varis of Finland, who previously sat out a 2 year ban in cross country.

A and B samples taken on 6 Jan 2008 In Oberhof GER. The B sample was opened on 29 January with the member of the IBU medical committee, Dr. Pierre Jannier, who represented both the IBu and the Finnish Biathlon Association. The press release states, "The results of the B sample...confirmed the results of the A sample (see quote below re A sample). Thus an adverse analytical finding is given. The IBU Executive Board will meet for an extraordinary meeting within 14 days from today, hear the athlete and decide the case."

From the IBU press release dated today, "During an in-competition target test, which took place on 6 January 2008 after the Mass Start Women at the IBU World Cup Oberhof an urine control was ordered which resulted in sample A-2283482. The sample was sent for analysis to the Laboratoire suisse d' Analyse du Dopage-suisse. On 21 January 2008, the IBU has been informed by this laboratory that the isoelectric profile of this sample showed the presence of recombinant EPO. This sample belonged to the Finnish biathlete Kaisa Varis, ranked on place 20 in this competition."

Below is the video of Dr Michael Geistlinger of the IBU making the announcement regarding Kaisa Varis: