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Vasa Update: All Go Except No 50K Classic

Thu, Feb  10, 2005 - By Jim Dombrowski

As of 6:30 PM -

Course Description:

The Vasa 25K and 50K races will start at Timber Ridge near the lodge. All skiers will do an initial parade loop around Timber Ridge then join the Vasa trail at approximately the 19.5K mark, it will follow the Vasa trail back towards the Acme trailhead, after crossing the power lines it will go thru a gate and continue on the normal Vasa course until it reaches the split rail fence. It will turn right and go up a slight hill. For those who have skied the Vasa before, you will now be approximately 1½ K from the traditional start. The first aid station will be set up approximately 10K from the start. The course will continue on the Vasa trail, through a series of climbs and descents to the next aid station at The Rock, you will continue toward Timber Ridge passing thru Jack Pine Valley and another aid station, then leveling off and continuing to Timber Ridge where the 25K skiers will enter the Timber Ridge trails and the finish line. The 50K skiers will go down a hill at the split to a food station and continue on for another loop around the same trail.

The 12 K course has been shortened to 9K . The 12K skiers and tour will start at Timber Ridge and follow a separate trail towards the Single Track Parking Lot off of Supply Road . The course will then join the normal 50K loop to a set of power lines. You will then turn left and follow the power lines for a short distance to a right turn on a two track road back to the Vasa trail. You will then turn left on the Vasa trail and join the 25 and 50K skiers on the same trail back to Timber Ridge. You will enter the Timber Ridge trail system and soon reach the finish line. This is almost the same course Women's Winter Tour used last weekend for the long loop.

The Jr. Vasa races will be held on the Timber Ridge trails and will not enter the Vasa trail network. The 3K tour will take place on the Timber Ridge lighted loop and measure approximately 3.5K

All races and tours will start at the previously set start times. 27 & 50K Classic Race 8:30AM, 50K freestyle 9:00 AM, 27K Freestyle 9:30AM, 12K Race 9:45 AM, 3K & 12K Tour 9:50AM, Jr. Vasa Races begin at Noon .

Classic Skiers:

The 50K Classic Race has been cancelled . We would like to stress that classic skiing may be difficult because at this time we do not have enough base to set deep tracks. We will make every effort to set the best tracks possible, but classic skiers should not be expecting to find perfect tracks and may encounter some areas where there are no tracks at all. Anyone that has signed up for a classic race may switch to freestyle or change to a shorter race with no cost penalty.

Snow Conditions:

Many volunteers were on the course today shoveling snow from the woods onto the trail in several thin spots plus some areas of the trail received another inch of fresh snow. The groomers will be out tomorrow touching up the course and will be groomed the final time late Friday night. If anyone has a sure fire snow dance we would appreciate them sharing it with the Vasa Board and groomers. Freestyle skiers will find the course to be fast and in excellent condition.

No decision has been made on the Gran Travers Classic Race on Saturday yet. We will update the website and send newsletters with any details as soon as a decision is made.

Because of the mandated changes this week, registration fees for both the 25K and 50K races will be $70 through race day. The cost for the 9K race and the 3K and 9K untimed tours will remain $25 through Saturday. Race Day weather looks like sunny skies and a high temperature in the mid 30's. Come join us for a great day of skiing and festivities with your friends!!

Jim Dombrowski
Vasa News