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Paull and Dehlin win cold, windy Gran Travers

Mon, Feb  11, 2008 - By Mike Muha

In difficult waxing conditions caused by a rock-hard track covered in new snow, Straits Strider Denny Paull pulled ahead of the pack to win the 16km Gran Travers in 57:08. Todd Vigland 58:50 and Clifford Onthank 59:26 followed in second and third.

Lindsey Dehlin from Marquette won the women's 16km in 57:10. Straits Strider Tracy Hardin was second in 1:08:27, with Ohio resident Kelly Mikolajczyk (racing for Hanson Hills/Cross Country Ski Shop) third in 1:27:44.

It was a Traverse City trio of Mark Alanson (18:50), James Padden (19:34), and Kirk Harris (19:50) in the first three spots in the 6km men's division.

Kaitlyn Patterson was the first women in the 6km in 21:35, with Hannah Meachum (21:54) and Maria Frick (22:4) in second and third.

Several racer failed to make the race due to extreme white-out conditions while driving or thought better of racing in temperatures near zero with excepetionally high winds. Winds were high enough the Mackinaw Bridge was closed until 1;00am Monday morning, preventing Upper Peninsula racers for returning home. 

Gran Travers full results: