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WC trip Otepaa


Wed, Feb  13, 2008 - By Pete Vordenberg,


Warm and wet.  The race trail and otherwise green grass.

Kikkan on the way.

Hard Charging.

Kris is coming around.  This was a good race, well paced, well fought.  More to come here.

Lukas Bauer.  When you are on...

Rain didn't keep too many fans away.

It was easy to tell who the crowd was behind.  Unexpectedly spectacular home town results.

The Service Relay - a race is held for staff the night before the WC kicks off.

Tracks the day of the sprint.

Some may wonder why our results were not better in the sprint.  There are reasons but no excuses.  We'll work out and work on the reasons.  This is part of the process - frustrating though it is - of racing and improving.  It is the case that our athletes are the real deal and unwaveringly hard working.  I believe in them day in and day out - and certainly no less on or after the tough days.  Last year we took 3rd and 4th here.  Today we are back to it.  There are lots of races to go and no time or place for doubt.

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