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Black Mtn Race Update: Need Shirt Size!

Wed, Feb  16, 2005 - By Denny Paull

I just got off the phone with the trail groomer from the DNR. He advised that there is still good snow coverage on the course but pretty hard conditions. He is going to refrain from grooming the course this week because he does not want to chance busting the crust thus making it more prone to melt down in the coming two weeks.

Everything is still on for the Black Mountain Nordic Classic 30k race and 10 k tour for March 5th. We are supposed to get some decent lake effect snow starting Thursday night and continueing through Friday. Hopefully the tracks could then be reset next week for anyone wishing to tour the course prior to the race. I will continue to provide updates.

Finally.....It would be great if people sitting on the fence and not preregistering could provide me an e-mail to advise shirt size. This will at least give me some insight into how many shirts to order and how big of a luncheon to plan. My e-mail is .

Registration form, driving directions, and course map at
Denny Paull