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Czech report - Hammerface pics


Thu, Feb  21, 2008 - By Pete Vordenberg,

Many photos...

Czech woods are dark and deep. These are above the town of Liberec where there was some natural snow and quite a lot of ski trails and skiers.

The day before the races the 1.9km loop was alternately fresh, wet, man-made snow, ice, rocks, ankle deep sugar snow, and dirt. The day of the race is was the same only the sugar snow wasn't deep at all. For the classical race (1.4km loop) the tracks were hard and good though dirty and rocky.

(Jakobson, Norway) Race Winner.

The French team hit their peak at pre-worlds (second guy back and coach).

Garrott Kuzzy of team CXC only 3 days off the boat from the US. Chris Grover urging him over the top of the climb.

Sara Renner is making a good comeback! You can see the town in the back ground. It will not be like this next year. I mean it will not be sunny and clear. In my experience 99 out of 100 times it is low clouds and coal-smoke grey.

Sodergren, it aint about pretty.

Zimmermann (3 days over from Bozeman)...and fans.

High tempo, aggressive position, dynamic, powerful motions...

Not text book technique for skate or classical but this test isn't studied for out of a text book.


Text book technique and top fitness = Weekend double victory.


You don't have to be any certain thing, but you do have to be increadibly fit.

Home made roof rack.

The path has not been a direct one for the USA this season. We've had highlights for the season so far and highlights for each weekend, but we've not seen our best results lately. Still there is a third of the season to go and the athletes are driven and ready to give their best at all times.

Here are some Hammer Face photos. I'm not saying you have to put on a show - I'm just asking... are you giving it everything you've got?


(vordenberg images)

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