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Headquarters continues Michigan Cup lead

Wed, Feb  27, 2008 - By Ken Dawson

The Michigan Cup Scoring is updated through the Michigan Marathon and the only race not scored is the Muffin Race for juniors: Individual Results (PDF)

Note in the White Pine several skiers either had the wrong time or no time.  Based on several witnesses individuals were placed in their proper placing.  Kudos to all those skiers that helped out sorting this placing.  Nothing worse then completing a race and not getting a time.  

The junior scoring poised some issues.  Early in the season we decided to divide the juniors in two groups 15 and under and 16-19.  Unfortunately, the early divisions were based on classifications at that time.  I noticed in some of the later races there are several juniors that may have been placed in the wrong group.  In other words there was a discrepancy between the earlier groups and the age listed in a race like the Vasa.   It is nearly impossible to go back and replace all these skiers because it would mean I would have to re-score every race. 

This is the first year we tried breaking up the juniors and I will urge the Michigan Cup Committee to keep the juniors combined in 09.

Team Scoring is based on 5 best races and team trial results.   The top 37 in each team scored.  Here are the team standings to date:

   1. CCSH – 24,396 + 964 = 25,360
   2. NSR – 21,775 + 633 = 22,408
   3. HH/CCSS – 18,842 = 1274 = 20,116
   4. GRNST – 17,172 + 643 = 17,815
   5. SS – 15,184 + 187 = 15,371
   6. TNSC – 12,949

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