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Four Team NordicSkiRacers do the Keski

Mon, Feb  21, 2005 - By Mike Muha

The Keskinada is a two-day, double marathon event in Gatineau Park, a few minutes away from Ottawa in Canada. The 50km Classic Marathon is on Saturday; a 50km Freestle Marathon in on Sunday. Racers can do either or both.

Team NordicSkiRacer member Hugh Pritchard flew in from London, England to ski both marathons. Julie Houle raced in the classic marathon on Saturday; Aaron Tarnow and Steve Kuhl raced Sunday's freestyle marathon.

So how'd they do?

Saturday Feb 19 - 50km Classic:

Hugh Pritchard, 49th overall out of 380 in 3:20:305 (10th in his age class).
Julie Houle, 13th out 87 women of in 3:48:34.1 (1st in her age class).

Sunday Feb 20 - 50km Freestyle:

Hugh Pritchard 18th overall out of 453 racers in 2:27:29.7 (6th in his age class).
Steve Kuhl, 32nd overall, 2:31:27.1 (6th in age class).
Aaron Tarnow, 293rd overall in 3:20:39.5 (16th in age class).