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Moose cancel ski race

Tue, Mar  11, 2008 - By Aftenposten

A traditional ski race in the Norwegian valley of Gudbrandsdalen has been cancelled because there are too many moose in the area. Organizers feared racers would collide with them.

The Heidal sports club has organized the race, called "Rindhovda Rundt," for years. The club already had purchased the awards to be handed out and appointed staff to run the event.

Around 50 racers take part in the event every year, but this year there are estimated to be as many moose as racers. The moose, it seems, use the same ski trails as the racers, since it's easier for them to move there than in the deep snows of the forest.

Beate Øygården, leader of the Heidal club, said she didn't know whether to laugh or cry over the situation, but realized the prevalence of moose simply represented too great a danger for fast-moving skiers.

"As soon as we prepare the tracks, so come the moose," she told local newspaper Gudbrandsdølen Dagningen. "Our crews have observed nearly 40 moose on the trails, so the situation is hopeless."

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