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Unofficial MI Cup Team and Individual standings

Thu, Mar  13, 2008 - By Ken Dawson

Current unofficial Michigan Cup Team Standings
  1. Cross Country Ski Headquarters - 31,192 pts.
  2. Hanson Hills/Cross Country Ski Shop – 26,595 pts.
  3. NordicSkiRacer – 24,856 pts.
  4. Straits Striders – 19,412 pts.
  5. Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Teamd – 19,143 pts.
  6. Traverse Nordic Ski Club – 13,880 pts.

Points are based on score of top 38 skiers on each team and in addition to time trials. There is an additional one point for each skier for each ski that did not count in the top 38. CCSH had a total of 67 additional pts, NSR 10 pts. and SS 5 pts.

Still a battle for 2nd – 3rd and 4th – 5th place.

Current unofficial Michigan Cup individual standings (PDF): Send corrections to Ken Dawson at Ken.Dawson@BartonMalow.Com.