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USA Highlights from Canadian Nationals

Tue, Mar  25, 2008 - By Pete Vordenberg,

Great to be on the 2010 Olympic courses!

30km / 50km

Torin Koos 2nd
Lindsay Williams 4th
Lindsey Dehlin 5th


Kikkan Randall 1st
Lindsay Williams 3rd
Liz Stephen 5th

Garrott Kuzzy 6th
Andy Newell 7th

10km / 15km Skate

Liz Stephen 1st
Kikkan Randall 2nd
Morgan Arritola 5th

Lars Flora 3rd
Leif Zimmermann 6th
Andy Newell 7th

10km / 15km Classical

Lars Flora 4th

Kikkan Randall 1st
Liz Stephen 3rd
Morgan Arritola 4th


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