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Torbjorn Karlsen – Update: Whereabouts & New Venture

Tue, Apr  8, 2008 - By Torbjorn Karlsen

[As many of you know, I used Torbjorn Karlsen's personal coaching services for several years, and credit him vastly improving my racing ability. I had more top 10 finishes on the Michigan Cup circuit in one year than in my 20's and 30's when I was training up to twice as many hours thanks to him.

Torbjorn was very involved in coaching national level cross country skiers, including Becky Scott, and could be found at the Yellowstone Ski Festival and many races every winter.

After he sold off his Solda and Pro-Ski business to, then sold , he sort of dropped from sight. Here an update he put together for all of us who wondered what he is up to these day. - Mike Muha,]


Here is a quick update on my whereabouts, followed by a bit of information about a new product I am now involved with. This is pretty exciting stuff and I do hope you’ll all take the time to read on.

First of all, I hope you are all doing well and still working out. Remember what I said about the main goal for your training: “It’s not about winning races, but to use training as a tool to stay fit and healthy.” As you probably know, I sold the import-rights to SOLDA and PRO-SKI in 2006 and in 2007. It was time to move on and try different things.

For training it should be no surprise that I’m still using intervals, some distance, core and max-strength to stay fit, but I have not raced the last two seasons. I’m still coaching skiers at various levels and doing the monthly training suggestions but, due to some life changes, I have turned down the opportunity to work with several new national-team level skiers from the US and abroad.


I obtained a Utah real-estate license in 2007, but I’ve decided to put that on hold because of the other things I’m now involved in.

The biggest change in my life is that I’m now spending a lot more time in sunny Southern California than in snowy Park City, Utah. We have two daughters very involved in tennis and I became the fitness coach and training consultant for eight very ambitious and hard working young tennis players in an organization called Global Tennis.

Tennis-specific speed and coordination drills, track workouts, weights and even intervals (!) are on the agenda from 8-9.30 AM five days per week. That’s followed by 4-5 hours of on-court training throughout the day.

It’s of course very different than ski training but many main training principles are the same. I’m still about “you need to train better but not necessary more than your opponents in order to beat them”.

Agent for Envia 

The other really big change for me is that I have become an agent and endorser of some fantastic new nutritional products made by the Eniva Corporation. One of their products that really stands out as a “must have” is called VIBE. I have read about, researched, and now take this vitamin supplement every day because I am a real believer in the power of this product for improving athletic performance and recovery and also, most importantly, for my health in general. I’m talking about anti-aging, heart-health, immune-health and cellular-health. A common myth is that we can get all the minerals and vitamins we need by eating healthy amounts of food from the four food groups. But, we couldn’t be more wrong – it’s a fact that many common health problems are linked to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

For my entire adult life, I’ve used various vitamin, mineral and supplement products off-and-on. But this product is truly unique (for many reasons) and that’s why my whole family (me, my wife and two girls) are taking 2 to 4 Eniva products each day and why I’m recommending VIBE for every athlete I coach, my family members and all my friends. Check it out at

The easy way to get started with these products is by using this link and clicking on place an order. Then select “a bottle and a box of Original VIBE". You’ll have a chance to include a “smartorder” if you want to continue monthly delivery of the products. Personally, what I take daily is:

  • VIBE (liquid vitamin, mineral, antioxidant supplement loaded with antioxidants including green tea and Aloe Vera). This product is 99% absorbable in 1 minute. This is unique in the nutrition industry. VIBE is listed in the 2008 Physician Desk Reference.
  • Motor Oil for men (good for prostate & cholesterol health; and if you’re having any trouble with your prostate, then it is worthwhile to take this).
  • Flex food supplement (supports cartilage, connective tissue health, joint mobility, etc., and helps me absorb all this training). If you have arthritis or problems with your joints, I also recommend “Joint Zyme” dietary supplement.
  • I also take Effacor which provides prescription potency and purity Omega-3 fatty acids from Norwegian fish sources. Omega 3-s promote cardiovascular health, neurological health, immune and joint health and healthy weight. Effacor exceeds the American Heart Association’s recommendation of providing 1000 mgs of EPA and DHA. Most products only contain a fraction of these key Omega-3s.

Huge Income Potential

If anyone is interested, Eniva not only has the most phenomenal nutrition products in the world, but a marketing plan that is simply amazing. Eniva is one of the fastest growing home-based business opportunities in the US. Success Magazine lists Eniva as one of the top companies to get involved with. Many feel Eniva/VIBE will be a household word in the US in 5 years. This company is just starting and it is an amazing ground floor opportunity. By sharing Eniva/VIBE with others, not only can you get your product each month for free, but a few months of sharing VIBE can mean financial independence.

Eniva is called the new Microsoft of nutritional products and basically no-one knows about it YET. A major pharmaceutical company recently tried to buy Eniva’s technology and it was refused.

This is what Network Marketing Business Journal stated in its November, 2005 issue:

Eniva is generating massive momentum as it is exploding across the country. In fact, there are dynamics taking place so strong that experts predict, in the next 10 years, Eniva will create more millionaires out of average people than any company before.

So, if you are interested in the amazing health benefits of these products, and looking for additional income, get involved now. You’ll be patting yourself on the back six months, three, five and ten years from now! Email me at if you want to place an order, want to hear more or want to get involved.

One last thing -- training program suggestions are still available if you are interested in using my monthly plans for the upcoming 2008-2009 season. We are starting up with the May suggestions. The program has seen only minor changes and adjustments if you have subscribed the last two seasons while those who subscribe before that will see some bigger adjustments.

Here’s to staying healthy, active, strong, and happy,
Torbjorn Karlsen

Eniva Summary – Why Vibe?

“Every ailment, sickness, and disease is traceable to a mineral deficiency.”
Dr. Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1954

Why Vibe is Unique

  1. Liquid Nutrient Delivery Technology
    • Classically designed supplements (pills, capsules, gels, tablets) are only 10-20% absorbed due to poor formulation design.
    • Vibe is 100% absorbed due to Eniva-pioneered technology – rating based upon US Pharmacopoeia digestibility study and standards.
  1. All-In-One Supplement
    • Comprehensive nutrient mix of 27 vitamins and minerals, with daily dosages recommended according to standards set by the National Academy of Science.
  1. Unparalleled Anti-Oxidant Absorbency
    • Vibe is listed in the PDR (Physicians Desk Reference) as having the highest certified Oxygen-Radical-Absorbance-Capacity (ORAC) rating of all products tested. Vibe is different than every other supplement because of technology, technology that feeds the nucleus of the cells as a cell-ready supplement.
    • Vibe is angstrom Size (4x smaller than the opening of a red blood cell)
    • Vibe features a water-soluble delivery system. The water is pharmaceutical grade and 23 OHM, the purest form of water - and is six-sided, making it slippery and easy to enter the red blood cells with less stress.
    • Vibe features trade-protected mineral/nutrient ionization and bioactivation.
    • Vibe is pre-digested - 90% is immediately absorbed.
    • Vibe is directly delivered into the bloodstream - 3.5 minutes to the entire body.

Why It Is Recommended For You

  1. Poor Diets. Americans make consistently poor food choices due to lifestyle. Even those who attempt to eat well do not succeed at choosing wisely due to the hyper-preserved products on grocery shelves and produce sections that feature pesticide-ridden products. Note: 
    • 1936 – U.S. Senate Document 264 from the 74th Congress stated: 99% of Americans are deficient in minerals.”
    • 1992 – U.S. soil is 85% depleted of minerals. Foods, fruits, vegetables, and grains being raised on the millions of acres of land no longer contain enough needed minerals and are starving us of necessary nutrition, no matter how much of them we eat.
    • 2002 – Medical research recommends that every American use a daily multi-nutrient supplement to address the health dilemma of nutritionally poor diets.
  1. Susceptibility to Disease. Our bodies are made completely of cells - 80+ trillion of them.60 million cells die each minute; 60 million cells are manufactured each minute. Cell life expectancy - blood cells = 4 months, bone cells = 7 years.

Four Stages of Health:

  1. Cell health depletes due to missing nutritional resources. No symptoms.
  2. Organ and gland reserves are drained/robbed of nutritional resources. No symptoms.
  3. Microscopic change in tissue – “sub-clinical symptoms.” Headaches, stiff joints, insomnia, fatigue
  4. Macroscopic change in tissue – “clinical symptoms” – classified as disease.

Eniva is a member of the Better Business Bureau, and complies with all FDA, USDA, and MN Dept. of Agriculture regulations.