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Peru Nordic vs. Ragnarok


Fri, Apr  25, 2008 - By High Peaks Nordic

The High Peaks / Peru Nordic Masters ski team has reworked and re-cut footage from the 2nd video in the trilogy - Inertia II:Nordic Boogaloo - and produced a rollicking 7 minute action / comedy / tearjerker / suspense / drama / romantic comedy / horror / car chase / thriller / feel-good film entitled:

Peru Nordic VS Ragnarok

It features most of Peru Nordic's elite skiers, and has intense racing/ pre-covery footage. Also, it has a killer soundtrack featuring Light this City, Down and Arch Enemy. It includes Highlights from Monsters of Rock, Harry Eldridge and the LP Loppet (all from 07). The majority of the ski scenes were shot at the Biathlon Stadium at Mt Van Hoevenberg in Lake Placid.