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CXC Regional Elite Group Camp, June 28-July 4

Thu, Jun  5, 2008 - By CXC Skiing

Central Cross Country Ski Association is pleased to announce the 2008 Regional Elite Group Camp June 28 to July 4 at Cresthill Resort, Hayward, WI.

Qualified top regional athletes will attend this camp including the CXC Elite Team and the CXC Junior Development Program. The goal of the camp is to provide an opportunity for top regional athletes to conduct testing, workouts and time trials together and to work with US National Team coaches. This camp also offers educational opportunities to athletes with evening presentations on training and team philosophy.   


Yuriy Gusev (CXC); Bryan Fish (CXC Elite Team); Bill Pierce (CXC Junior Development Program); Scott Wilson (CXC); Pete Vordenberg (US Ski Team Head Coach); Matt Whitcomb (US Ski Team Development Coach).


Strength Assessment; Endurance Assessment; VO2/CO2 Testing and analysis (aerobic and anaerobic thresholds, intensity zones and fitness evaluation); Ski training activities (technique, distance, strength training, etc.)

Tentative Schedule:

June 28 (Saturday):

  • Arrival & VO2/CO2 testing
June 29 (Sunday)
  • Morning: VO2/CO2 testing or distance training
  • Afternoon: VO2/CO2 testing or distance training
  • Evening: test results analysis (Bryan Fish)
June 30 (Monday)
  • Morning: technique & distance rollerski skate
  • Afternoon: technique & distance rollerski classic
  • Evening: USST Pipeline Presentation (Pete Vordenberg)
July 1 (Tuesday)
  • Morning: 3km time trial (track)
  • Afternoon: Off
  • Evening: Athlete Development Presentation (Matt Whitcomb)
July 2 (Wednesday)
  • Morning: Strength Assessment
  • Afternoon: Distance Training & 100m Print Race (qualification & finals)
  • Evening: importance of recovery (Bryan Fish)
July 3 (Thursday)
  • Morning: technique & distance rollerski skate
  • Afternoon: technique & distance rollerski classic
  • Evening: training planning and monitoring (Yuriy Gusev)
July 4 (Friday)
  • Rollerski skate time trial and departure
  • $175 Regional Elite Group
  • $275 State Development Group & Midwest/Great Lakes Junior Olympic Teams members
  • $450 Petitioned Athletes*

*Athletes can petition in to the camp by sending an e-mail to with their best three results from the last two years and a paragraph outlining athletic goals and how this camp will help to achieve them.

The deadline for qualified athletes to register for reserved spots in the camp is June 11th. There is limited space available to the first athletes registered. After that date the camp will be opened up to petitioned athletes.

On line registration and an announcement of qualified athletes is available at

Maps to Cresthill Resort are available at