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USSA membership registration goes online

Wed, Jul  23, 2008 - By US Ski Team

PARK CITY, Utah (July 21) - The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association just made registering for and managing USSA membership one click away with its new online system available under Members at

"Online registration offers athletes immediate membership," said Member Service Director Sheryl Barnes.

With the addition of the seamless registration system, athletes can attain membership instantly and coaches and officials whose memberships require background screening are placed on pending status until screening is complete and USSA has received results.

The new online tool, which will eliminate errors in registration through mail or fax, will allow everyone who is able to use the system to save time.

"The tool eliminates the omission of required information such as signed waivers and insurance information while minimizing data entry errors," Barnes said.

According to Barnes, in the past, issues with mail and faxing caused holdups in membership processing.

"It's a timesaver for everyone," said Barnes, who added that USSA's membership has seen a jump from where it was during July last year.

"Registrations are up 20 percent from where we were last year. So, people are using the system and it's working," Barnes said.

USSA is currently accepting registrations for individual members only, but working on other features including online club registration, membership upgrades and FIS license additions.

"Online registration is just the beginning. We have a lot planned," Barnes said.

USSA members can find the new registration at under Members > Membership Tools > Online Registration or directly at