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Revised Relay Scoring; NSR Still on Top

Mon, Mar  21, 2005 - By Ken Dawson

The chart at the bottom of this article indicates the final relay results. The individuals highlighted (in Bold Blue) were not on a team roster and therefore did not score any points. You could not add members to your team prior to the relays or after Feb. 1.

If there is any discrepancies please let me know ( In some cases a family member is on the roster but not other members of the family who showed up at the relays. This included Team NordicSkiRacer where MacKenzie Kuhl did not score since she was not on the roster prior to Feb. 1. Another case was Debi Weir who was not listed on CCSH list but other members of the family were. Mike Seaman is on the Outside Edge team. He was skiing on a GRNST team so the points were split between the two teams.

I am confident that the scoring was extremely accurate and that was due in part to the early posting throughout the year and everyone's review of those results. I had several emails throughout the year adjusting and/or clarifying the results. The accuracy is attributed to all those individuals who took part in reviewing and getting back with and changes.

As for the Team results, I believe the Michigan Cup organizers did a great job in establishing the format for team totals. Score only the top 30 skiers from each club eliminates winning the Cup based on numbers of team members only. Scoring of the relays served the same goal: you could not win the relays just because you had the most teams. Due to the large turnout Saturday, 47 teams, it was conceivable some teams would not score. It took the right balance of classification and ability to win the relays.

Overall, it was great for Michigan Cup, Bob Frye's hospitality and everyone who articipated. Who would have expected the turnout that we had, I only hope we have the same controversy next year.

The final results, including relays, look like this:

Team Total
Points from
Team 23,678 4,100
Strait Striders 23,117 3,040
Cross Country Ski Headquarters 23,038 3,240
Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team 19,662 1,440
Traverse Nordic Ski Club 15,775 540
Cross Country Ski Shop 15,755 720
Ohio Nordic 4,196 0
Outside Edge 2,933 120

The re-scored Relays (Bold blue indicate changes) are below:

Bib Team Name Points MI Cup Team Skier 1 Skier 2 Skier 3 Category Race Time
Cross Country Ski Shop
142 Mud-Stuffins 420 CCSS Green, Jamie
Fultz, Dick
Mills, Fred
M 150+ 0:44:10
147 A Team 300 CCSS Smith, Robert
Harwood, Jim
Fairman, Robert
M 60-149 0:40:17
143 Mo-Jo-Jr 0 CCSS Shifert, Joseph
Frye, Jimmy
Harwood, Mo
M 60-149 0:47:56
Total Points: 720
Grand Rapids Nordic Ski Team
137 Slippery Dogs 240 GRNST Bladel, Randel
Camp, Don
Seaman, Mike
M 60-149 0:39:50
140 2 Guys & a Gal 360 GRNST Nolan, Dan
Herrick, Louise
Picard, Steve
C 60-149 0:48:18
141 Turbo-Dogs 300 GRNST Mueller-Brumbaugh, Carole
Love, John
Byak, Christopher?
C 60-149 0:50:23
102 GRNST PBS 540 GRNST Johnson, Peter
West, Bob
Smigiel, Steve
M 150+ 0:44:08
Total Points: 1,440
Outside Edge
137 Slippery Dogs 120 GRNST Bladel, Randel
Camp, Don

Seaman, Mike
M 60-149 0:39:50
Total Points: 120
135 Joann's Team 600 NSR Nizio Frank
Ruffner, Spencer
Cavaletto, Joann
C 150+ 0:51:33
131 JM squared 600 NSR Houle, Julia
Muha, Mike
Heidinger, Mike
C 60-149 0:42:02
136 Whopthupin 320 NSR Sorgenfrei, Allen Kuhl, MacKenzie
Robinson, Ryan
C 60-149 0:45:55
129 Classy Ladies 600 NSR Creitz, Lexanne
Allen, Linda
Dawson, Karen
F 150+ 0:54:17
127 Bad Company 480 NSR Tikh, Leo
Dawson, Ken
Kaltz, Bill
M 150+ 0:44:09
126 Rocket Dogs 360 NSR Heady, Doug
Kessler, Randy
Sexton, Ron
M 150+ 0:44:56
134 NSR #10 300 NSR Feldkamp, Tim
Haefner, Bill
Cornell, Doug
M 150+ 0:46:50
128 Kuhl & the Gang 600 NSR Fanslw, Dave
Stevens, Andy
Kuhl, Steve
M 60-149 0:36:37
133 Canamer 240 NSR Dufour, Yvon
Madorski, Mark
Tarnow, Aaron
M 60-149 0:41:38
123 Out Your Backdoor - NSR Potter, Jeff
Worrel, Greg
Motowski, Dan
M 60-149 0:48:49
138 NSR-Jukka - NSR Schmude, Mark
Ljubic, Bobby
Pietila, Jukka
M 60-149 0:50:01
Total Points: 4,100
Ohio Nordic
101 LIAP-Ohio 0 Rachitskiy, Anton Rachitskiy, Val Rachitskiy, Olga C 60-149 0:47:06
Total Points: 0
Straits Striders
118 No Whining 320 Straits Striders Bogart, Beth
McGraw, Harriet
Van Dam
F 150+ 1:00:45
116 D-T squared 600 Straits Striders Gephart, Daniella
Goble, Tracy
Hardin, Tracy
F 60-149 0:44:21
113 Thundering Herd 600 Straits Striders Berndt, Detlef
Hardin, John
Mendyk, Marv
M 150+ 0:43:46
108 Burt Lake Brusiers 240 Straits Striders Kurz, Mark VandeKopple, Bob Johnson, Max M 150+ 0:48:26
103 Flying Oosiks 80 Straits Striders Meyer, Jim
Moore, Jeff
Moore, Joel
M 150+ 0:49:30
132 Stormy - Straits Striders Hayes, Bill
Baker, Steve Stormzand, Mark
M 150+ 0:53:15
110 Top Striders - Straits Striders Matthews, Paul
Byer, Rick
Wright, Hap
M 150+ 0:53:27
105 Old Crows - Straits Striders Aspenleiter, Barry
Irish, David
Boal, Ellis
M 150+ 0:54:08
119 Mum's the Word 540 Straits Striders Mendyk, Connie
Beatty, Barb
Lund, Lorraine
F 150+ 0:54:18
115 Old Farts - Straits Striders Ahrenberg, Bill
Sharp, Sam
Gilbert, Darwin
M 150+ 1:04:05
106 Nordic Snow Monsters 480 Straits Striders Paull, Denny
Goble, John
Weingartz, Chris
M 60-149 0:37:20
109 Next Year 120 Straits Striders Buday, Mark
VanDam, Stephen
Putalik, Greg
M 60-149 0:45:38
121 Doull Demons 60 Straits Striders Kelly, Kevin
Atkins, Dave
Doull, James
M 60-149 0:45:47
114 Team Taint - Straits Striders Ellonte, Mike
Farley, David
Deegan, Jack
M 60-149 0:48:11
145 Black Bears - Straits Striders Austin, David
McGraw, Vaughn
Beatty, Spencer
M 60-149 0:49:06
Total Points: 3,040
Traverse Nordic Ski Club
122 TNSC 540 TNSC Brundage, Bill
Baic, Milan
Onthank, Cliff
M 60-149 0:37:01
Total Points: 540
XC Ski Headquarters
125 Wolf - XC Ski Hdqtrs Stevenson, Marvin
Wells, Richard
Caldwell, Jack
M 150+ 1:03:20
124 2 G's & a G 600 XC Ski Hdqtrs Gulledge, Catarina
Timm, Alexandra
Weir, Morgan
C 0-59 0:49:48
111 Dude & 2 Chicks 540 XC Ski Hdqtrs Patterson, Britta  Patterson, Kaitlyn Temkin, Daniel C 0-59 1:02:27
139 Due Less See More 540 XC Ski Hdqtrs Weir, Debi
Rushford, Tom Patterson, Diane
C 150+ 1:08:00
144 Desparte Skiers 540 XC Ski Hdqtrs Caldwell, Ben
Peterson, Gussie
Laprad, Jeff
C 60-149 0:45:00
117 Golden Girls 420 XC Ski Hdqtrs Merwyn, Carol
Calwell, Beth
Kerekes, Anna
F 150+ 1:04:56
120 Lajog 180 XC Ski Hdqtrs Timm, Larry
Geigue, John
Merwin, Greg
M 150+ 0:49:27
112 Tom Jones+ 60 XC Ski Hdqtrs Neier, Rick
Matson, Bill
Jones, Tom
M 150+ 0:51:15
130 Vote for Pedro 420 XC Ski Hdqtrs Peterson, Curt
Brady, Kip
Mitchell, Rob
M 60-149 0:38:40
107 Franks Folly 120 XC Ski Hdqtrs Kanaby, Larry
Rynalski, Frank
Johnson, Nick
M 60-149 0:42:37
146 Moonstone - XC Ski Hdqtrs Weir, Rick von Wallmenich, Theo Cook, Tim M 60-149 0:46:52
104 3 Omegas - XC Ski Hdqtrs Temkin, Mike
Ernst, Dale
M 60-149 0:48:37
Total Points: 3,240