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FIS sub-committe to promote rollerski competition in US

Fri, Aug  1, 2008 - By Özkan Koyuncu, FIS

In this third part of the series, the FIS presents the initial thoughts Özkan Koyuncu, the new Chairman of the Sub-Committee for Rollerskiing for the 2008-2010 period:

Özkan Koyuncu (TUR):
New Chairman of the Sub-Committee for Rollerskiing

“I think the priority of our Sub-Committee will be the promotion of our sport toward new countries and regions. Now we are really active in Europe but our goal is to engage countries from the American and Asian continents. I know that there are lots of roller skiers but unfortunately they are not participating in any FIS activities. We will try to reach them.

We have spent the last two years on integrating our competition rules into the FIS Cross-Country ICR and we modified our TD system according to FIS standards. I know we still need further improvement on these topics.

Another point that we should focus on is to include and attract more Cross-Country skiers to roller ski competitions. In effect all Cross-Country athletes train on roller skis during the summer. But most of them prefer to use them only as training equipment. We should persuade them to also compete. I believe that once they are used to competing on roller skis, they will enjoy it a lot such as amongst others, Giorgio Di Centa, Sabina Valbusa or some other top Cross-Country athletes do.

Given the reality of global warming, I believe that popularity and importance ofRoller Skiing will increase. I will try to closely cooperate with the Cross-Country sections of the National Ski Associations. The FIS Sub-Committee for Rollerskiing will be more active inside FIS than ever. We will also closely collaborate with the other FIS Cross-Country Committees and the FIS Marketing & Communication department. Of course we would like to ask for more support from FIS management.

I believe that in few years the organizational level of the FIS Roller Skiing World Cup will increase and we will attract more interest from the sponsors as well as TV coverage.

The proposal to the FIS Council for my nomination was supported by the Committee members. Of course, it was a big honor for me but a huge responsibility, too. I know the Roller Skiing family and their expectations very well but I trust myself and my Committee members. I know that they believe in me as well. I want to thank them all for their trust. I believe that we will work in great harmony and move our lovely sport forward. Many thanks as well to my federation for their support of my nomination.”