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Add Skate Race the Day After Black Mtn Classic?

Wed, Mar  23, 2005 - By Denny Paull

The idea to expand the Black Mountain Nordic Classic into a two day combined classic/skate event has recently been contemplated. The race organizers are seeking input from the skiing community regarding format. The idea is to expand the currently existing 30 km classic race into a two day event.

The two races would take place the first weekend in March. The initial proposition would involve the usual, stand alone, 30 Km Classic occuring on Saturday. This classic event would continue to be a stand alone Michigan Cup points race.

The proposed addition would involve having some form of an interval start skate race the day after the classic. Assuming we are successful in securing new grooming equipment for the course, the skate race could be a 30 km skate following the same course as the classic race. Or, the skate race could utilize a very hilly 10 km skate course currently being groomed for skating only. If this 10 km course were to be utilized, the proposed distance would involve completion of 2 laps for 20 km total.

The exact type of interval start has not been worked out yet.

Ideally, the classic and timed skating event would be stand alone events with awards. This would allow the classically challenged skier to only skate and vice versa. However, a combined time would be calculated to determine overall placement for the combined event.

We would greatly appreciate any input regarding possible options. Specifically, how many people would be interested in such a race?
What is the preferred distance for a 2nd day skate race? Any ideas on how to use the interval start format best for this race? (keep in mind that we don't want skiers out on the course on Sunday all day!). Or should we drop the whole idea and just stick to a one day classic?

Please give this some thought and e mail Denny Paull at if you find the time.